With the launch of CENT-R (Connective Energy Network Tool), the Dutch city of Rotterdam and innovative developer Lightwell have made the city of the future a thing of today. This modular device is to become the standard platform for smart city applications. CENT-R is a modular streetlighting pole that can be adapted to fit changing needs on an ongoing basis. Applications like electric charging, 5G, cameras and a variety of sensors like air and sound are part of its toolkit.

I've created and art-directed their promotional film and imagery.

With its circular and modular design, future changes are easy, allowing it to be continuously updated with the latest technological innovations and serve as a marketplace for partners with solutions that benefit the city.


Lightwell is a highly innovative Smart City Hardware innovator focussed on creating cities for a sustainable future. With a background in public LED lighting the company focuses on creating smart lighting poles that offer a variety of applications.



3D visual and motion